Thursday, September 30, 2010


The key factors influencing the gold price are as below :

1. US dollar currency because gold prices are set to unit funds US dollar when currency weakening US dollar price of gold will be in countries outside the U.S.. Make a strong buying into gold. Gold price higher.

But the need to consider if the value of the Ringgit currency weakening Us dollar will rise in the Ringgit. Enables us to buy imported goods such as gold is down. Therefore, when calculating the price of gold is the Ringgit. May not change as expected. Not know whether or not to write confusing.

In addition, if the expectations that the currency depreciation US dollar will reduce the rate of interest. U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) or the Valley's trade deficit the U.S. number. Allows investors. And in the US dollar currency reserves such as China, Japan and countries in the Middle East has oil money many of US dollar from oil sales from diversified into other assets. Diversification, such as euros and yen gold.

2. Demand / Supply said that this is the means to real gold (Physical Demand) is like gold jewelry industry. Such as the Indian wedding season and Christmast and New Year's at the end of the world is the High Season price of gold.

Sell gold to central banks of Europe, especially to the International Rice Gold prices fell anywhere.

Hedge Funds of hedge funds such as the Market Maker in all markets guide the direction Wiewann.

Be very difficult to guess the other. Sometimes, as in the U.S. market fell. Gold prices may increase. Because gold is another option of investing.

However, sometimes the New York Stock Exchange and around the world rebounded. Gold prices have increased by. Because investors are expected to precious metals like gold to.

Or like in this period with investors to sell gold to compensate loss from U.S. stock market falling sharply from the U.S. Sub Prime crisis the price of gold fell sharply by.
It also includes the world's economy. If the economy is not good to reduce the Demand of gold into the gold price will fall. Demand during the period this will come from China and India due to strong economic growth. Make a demand of raw materials. And precious metals increased by with.

3. High oil prices. Inflation sends traffic conditions in the global market. Make a demand to buy gold to protect against inflation risk in the environment Safe Heaven Demand increased demand for gold to go with the.
But sometimes unlikely ever to write. Because sometimes the oil price increases. But gold back down. May be a move of hedge funds market. But usually the price of gold usually tied legs. As oil prices stay in constant write.

4. War and terrorism. Once it is evil. Will exert a strong buy to buy it immediately to prevent risk but then Safe heaven. Gold prices tend to fall sharply any time. Try to check the history. Should be considered global economic slowdown will reduce Gold Demand to guess about this fund be difficult to write.

This is why all the gold price up or down each day I think the answer to all. Would cover the factors affecting gold price almost all. I think if anything more. Or do you know anything more. Help to expand with. Known to favor even write.

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